Saturday, May 26, 2007

If It makes you happy
I can't be that bad.....
If it makes you happy
then why the hell are you so sad....
- Sherryl Crow


A Muslim, A Christian
Like Malcolm and Martin
Now who to ask the question
Oh did I forget to mention
they don't have a clue
the right way
the wrong way
but who's to say
'Cause I wasn't feeling the old way
I come to realise
the truth has been
staring me in my eyes
I chose to change
my second chance
my path was destined
my soul awakened
It came to me
in many dreams
My love for life
The Islam pride
It changed my thoughts
my mind
To a better life
blessed by Allah
I became a wife
a mother
and opened to another world
of love and trust

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Poetry of Life

Knowledge is the key
morals and honesty
spending time at college
and university
I speak with many toungues
Adversity, living in jail cells
no need to dwel
let's make misfortune of the past
make way for the future to last
a contrast, many differences
a path full of violence
when will we recieve justice
shall it be known
let it be faced
that there's only one race
the human race
the book revealed
when found
it was sealed
if we only knew the truth
what Allah has in mind
rain fall
the kind
that turns into ice
once the sun shines
it melts
it dissapears
many people have trouble understanding me
they try
but they just can't bind
I found my match
the purity
the perfection
One purely made for me
he gave me knowlede
you see
we communicate
such known as ones fate
he said to me
and i believe thee
we were ment to be
together as one for eternity
live on
through memory and song
never doubt your talents
just be strong


I remember
When I was young
almost 17 years ago
my daddy went away
he wasn't perfect
he just loved me
wanted to protect me
but he knew one thing
he was right
that i'd make it through
this cruel hard world
and find my perfect sight

I miss him
I love him

My Life - To My Husband

Culture and Color
It's not always what's in the seeing eye.
It's from deep within
the shedded blood
the flesh beneath
the soul in what we speak
the scene of the unknown
a feeling of being there before
the flash that makes us forget
the love we feel for one another
through pain and suffering
thick and thin
no matter what
'til death do us part and beyond
I can never love another
my eyes will never wonder
I believe our love was always
I love you in many ways
all that pain and heartache
was all worth the sacrifice
Now that i have you in my LIFE!

Life and Death

That’s me the untouchable
The deceased all around me
Their souls trapped and spirits can’t roam free
One by one they leave
I touch their hearts, they turn to dust
They wither away
As though they were never there
Friends turn to enemies
As loss and confusion
Surrounds me
Where did I go wrong?
I need to move forward and never to look back
I must remember the good
For love is in me
Somehow this keeps me alive
Sadness can be forgotten
But stains the soul
Believe in yourself and not the negative words of others
Keep your head up and mind towards the positive
Let others judgements become an experience
That of knowledge and wisdom
Let words of good or evil strengthen your heart
And educate your mind
Confess all that is in your thoughts
As you feel a sense of relief
A voice of an angel can touch the soul in so many ways
Faith in God can lift your spirits
A guide into the unknown world
Fear and poverty
The emptiness we hold inside
The lonely nights
The scars tell a story
Of life and love lived
A twisted elegance
Death does not mean the end
But new beginnings of another life that has been sent
An eternal circle that starts and ends all at once
When life begins it starts to die one second closer to death
Live each day as though it was your last
Never attempt suicide or pity others
Let envy disappear with each step
Because as bad as your life might be there is always someone worse off than yourself
Don’t mourn passing, but celebrate life
For when we enter into our next journey
Our bodies shall turn into dust
And our spirits in peace and free
No more heartache, No more sorrow
As beauty is within all and not what society leads us to believe

I Love You Mum

The wound beyond the deep flesh
the heart pumping overtime
with fear
and loss
this hasn't happened
where has she gone
i feel her pain
her heartache
the dissapointment and sadness
I miss her love and warmth
I wish you were here